Applying Advanced AI and Deep
Learning to Your Investigations

Built with the most advanced analytics and AI, investigators have a full-stack solution with all they need to surface the right insights and crack more cases.


A Full Stack Solution to Meet Your Needs

Fifth Dimension incorporates all the tech layers needed for powerful data analytics. From handling and fusing big data, to powerful analytics capabilities packaged into a single user interface, analysts have all they need to search, correlate and utilize the most advanced technologies on their entire set of fused data.

Internal Databases

External Databses

Designated Sensors


Data Handling

Assembling seemingly unrelated data from internal and external sources.

Ontology Design & Modeling

Data Processing

Data Lake Creation


Data Fusion

Fusing all disparate data, structured and unstructured, and configuring it for in-depth analysis.

Generic Statistic Analysis

Unstructured Data Processing

Insight Generation



Deep analysis carried out to deduce correlations between sources, and surface valuable investigation insights.

Graphic User Interface



External Systems Interfaces



Assisting entire investigations and presenting actionable insights in a unified intuitive interface.

Take Your Investigation Forward
with Advanced Analytics

With advanced recognition capabilities, image analysis, anomaly detection, and automatic object identification powered by AI, Fifth Dimension utilizes the most powerful analytics available for investigations today. These include dynamic ontology design & modeling, advanced data retrieval, and pattern recognition, employing smart algorithms for data manipulation and statistical analysis to help derive insights from mass scales of data.

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