Data becomes knowledge.

Powered by big data, AI and deep learning, investigation and insights are just a click away.


Transform and integrate any
data type, from any source,
and convert unstructured data.


Instantly correlate data,
discover insights quickly and
react to emerging situations.


Turn data into powerful
insights that revolutionize
your organization's results.


Led by former senior ranking intelligence officers and academic experts in mathematics and computer science, the team is dedicated to creating actionable insights from big data.

Fifth Dimension

Mass-Scale Data

Fifth Dimension’s technology fuses massive datasets from any source, in any format, while automatically converting unstructured data into structured data in a single, central place, enabling full and swift access, search and analysis.

Ai & Deep Learning Technologies

Leveraging AI and deep learning, Fifth Dimension provides advanced capabilities including face recognition, object detection, voice recognition, text analysis and classification, pattern recognitionanomaly detection, prediction of threats and risk ranking.

Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension’s investigation platform is scalable and modular, allowing customization to meet any organization's needs.

Data Storage

A centralized location for processing, integrating
and storing any size and
type of data, on-premises
or in the cloud.

Data Analytics

Multiple advanced technologies seamlessly analyze structured and unstructured data to
generate impactful insights.

AI & Deep Learning

A dynamic set of powerful technologies correlate data from every source to support an in-depth investigation of any digital footprint.

Insight-Driven Interface

With a user-friendly interface containing a variety of visualization tools, it’s easy to discover new insights quickly and act faster and smarter.

Fifth Dimension

Fifth Dimension’s Unified Investigation Platform is built upon the experience of investigators, analysts and data scientists from the highest ranks, to serve Government organizations as Law Enforcement agencies, Police Departments and Intelligence agencies in order to solve crimes faster


find out how law enforcement
agencies and police departments
can use big dara and AI to crack
down on crime

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