Actionable insights just beyond reach

Enterprises are flooded with rapidly increasing volumes of data. Information collected from a wide array of sources and in different formats, structured and unstructured – such as social media, purchase records, Internet of Things (IoT), transactions – is stored inside distributed and disconnected databases. As these data sets continuously expand, organizations do not have the capability to correlate this complex data in order to build a holistic picture of their entities of interest. The data needed to make smart business decisions is at their fingertips, but the reality is simply too complex. Traditional AI is limited in its ability to uncover the patterns, insights and trends hidden within the data in order to predict the unpredictable

Deep Learning: Empowering smarter business decisions

Fifth Dimension empowers enterprise organizations with deep learning AI to reveal the value hidden within their data, so they are able to respond more effectively to risks and opportunities and to better understand trends. The Fifth Dimension platform fuses massive amounts of data from any collection source, in any format ‒ both structured and unstructured – to generate automated insights based on ever-changing patterns and anomalies.  This ultra-fast analysis produces accurate predictive intelligence and smarter business decisions for enterprise organizations.

Highly accurate predictive insights

Fifth Dimension is a pioneer and a market leader in deep learning based predictive analytics solutions. By employing deep learning at the core of all its modules, Fifth Dimension is empowered to fully process and learn from unstructured data, and provide enhanced predictions with high levels of accuracy. Fifth Dimension applies deep learning principles for both supervised and unsupervised learning to generate automated insights and reveal ‘non-linear patterns’ which are impossible for humans or traditional modules to uncover.


Deep learning monetizes retail customer behavior

Retail organizations regularly collect massive amounts of data about consumers and their shopping habits. As a result, retail databases have become inundated with structured and unstructured data from a myriad of sources, including purchase history, loyalty card tracking, customer surveys or reviews, in-store cameras, mobile and app usage, WiFi location tracking, social media activity, and much more. Retailers require proactive solutions to correlate this multifaceted data in order to build a holistic picture of the consumers, products and stores.

Using its highly advanced artificial intelligence deep learning-based intelligence solution, Fifth Dimension’s platform fuses large volumes of collected data – voice, video, image and text – and automatically builds millions of customer profiles. The deep-learning platform utilizes custom-tailored analytical and visualization tools, together with an intuitive user interface, to deliver automated and highly accurate predictive intelligence in the areas of inventory forecasting, trend analysis, product recommendations and market research. The insights garnered from this platform allow retailers to predict changing consumer trends, optimize inventory and ultimately increase store revenues and profitability.


Fraud Prevention team foils covert employee embezzlement scheme

Economic crime causes billions of dollars in losses annually for both financial institutions and individual taxpayers. A Fraud Prevention team was established when a global investment bank suspected internal fraud following an annual loss of approximately $150 million.  The bank provided the team with access to a massive amount of data including employee email records, web access, removable media, travel records, badge reader logs and VPN logins. Also provided was tracking data for employee activity on proprietary databases, trading systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, video cameras and phone calls.  The team was challenged with scrutinizing and correlating the huge volume of structured and unstructured data in order to uncover and halt the criminal activity.

Fifth Dimension’s deep learning-based solution uncovered a hidden staff relationship, and revealed a complex embezzlement plot that was depleting the bank of its revenue.  The platform’s advanced pattern recognition technology alerted the Fraud prevention team about potential leads, which were further investigated using link analysis and other investigative techniques – including Auditory Similarity Cloud – to pinpoint the suspects, terminate their activities, and further strengthen the bank’s defenses against fraudulent behavior.


Driver Insights Revealed for User-Based Insurance Companies

Usage-based insurance (UBI) is a recent innovation by auto insurers that more closely aligns driving behaviors culled from vehicle telematics with premium rates for car insurance. Vehicle telematics generate huge volumes of data, which must be proactively analyzed in order to accurately assess and predict the risk of insuring each driver. Advanced solutions are vital to analyze all data – structured and unstructured – including telematics, social media, dashboard video images, insurance claims and driving history – in order to deliver a holistic view of each driver.

Using its highly advanced artificial intelligence deep learning-based intelligence solution, Fifth Dimension’s platform fuses large volumes of collected data – voice, video, image and text – and automatically builds millions of profiles for drivers. The deep-learning platform delivers automated and highly accurate predictive intelligence in the areas of risk assessment, driver verification, distracted driver detection and claims analysis. These enhanced capabilities enable telematics companies to offer greater incident prevention through unprecedented pattern analysis, improved risk assessment and more accurate insurance underwriting. Ultimately, these tools drive superior insurance coverage decisions and lead to significantly higher profitability.


AI-based analytic solution uncovers deep customer and vehicle insights

The automotive industry relies heavily on data for supplier assessments, system diagnostics, vehicle servicing history and customer preferences. The mass data collection is gathered from a wide array of sources, both structured and unstructured, and saved in a multitude of formats: text, video, audio, spreadsheets as well as data saved in proprietary non-standard formats, such as the On-Board Diagnostic system. However, the value inherent in this data is largely untapped, as the industry lacks the means to correlate and analyze this volume of complex data in order to effectively track supplier performance, improve the vehicle lifecycle, and forecast customer trends.

Using its highly advanced artificial intelligence deep learning-based intelligence solution, Fifth Dimension’s sophisticated algorithms analyze all the data in parallel to provide the automotive industry with the automated and highly accurate predictive intelligence they require to make informed decisions about vehicle servicing, dealer inventory forecasting and warranty management. These enhanced capabilities allow manufacturers and dealers to manage suppliers, offer innovative service solutions, identify potential risks at an early stage, and take corrective action that not only leads to higher profitability, but may actually save lives.

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